1. Only address in the introduction and in the conclusion what really is in the development;

2. Avoid too long periods or very short sentence sequences;

3. To avoid, in traditional dissertations, to address the reader;

4. Avoid repetitions exaggerated and close to each other, both words and information;

5. Stay strictly within the theme;

6. Avoid tired expressions, “beats”;

7. Use relevant examples and quotations;

8. Do not use religion as an argument;

9. Escape the very “strong” words;

10. Avoid slang and colloquial terms;

11. Avoid fancy language;

12. Avoid generalizing and common-sense argumentation;

13. Do not be radical;

14 likewise, get some help with write my essay now . Beware of dubious words as something and something, for having felt vague; prefer element, factor, topic, index, item, etc.

15. After the title of an essay do not put point;

16. Do not use buzzwords, proverbs, popular sayings or phrases made;

17. Do not use questioning in the text, especially in the conclusion;

18. Never use the first person singular or plural, unless there is a request for the theme;

19. Repeating the same words many times impoverishes the text; to use synonyms and expressions that represent the idea in question;

20. Only to cite examples of public domain, without narrating its unfolding, making only a brief mention;

21. Be direct and objective;

22. Never use profanity;

23. Do not use personal items in your dissertation.